Welcome to Media Picture the Home of Bespoke Photographic Services

Media Picture carry out various bespoke photographic services that can help boost your company or personal profile.  We aim to make you clearly stand out amongst your competition.

We also operate a fleet of various drones able to carry out aerial surveys which are ideal for the Real Estate Market and the Telecoms Market. Check on the future feasibility of a new site with our Panoramic shots and 360 degree imagery.   Also ideal to check on roofing, guttering and great for churches without the cost of scaffolding.

Our services allow you to save time, be safe and are very cost effective.

We also carry out services for events and parties so that magical moment for prosperity can be captured and stored.

In the sections below and throughout this website you can find details of our various services.  For more information give us a call and make an enquiry.


3D Tours

Media Picture can provide 3D Tours, with 4K photography and Video Production.  Thinking of Buying, Renting or Selling a property or the Hiring of a venue for an important event, but still worried about the coronavirus and coming out of "Self-Isolation" to carry out a viewing.

At Media Picture, we carry out Virtual 3D Tours of the properties or venues for which you can view and do a virtual walk through, all from the comfort of your own home or office. The tour allows you to take accurate measurements, view also as a Floor Plan or in a Dolls House view. This can help reduce costs, save in any travelling, easier to plan a real time viewing. This method of viewing is becoming extremely popular as more and more people are looking at buying and selling property

Check out our 3D Tours section for more info.

  • Build a 3D Tour
    No other method allows potential customers to experience your ideas.
  • Create a Virtual Reality experience
    Compatible with leading Virtual Reality devices
  • Quickly gather 3D Measurements
    Providing 99% accuracy on all dimensions
  • Auto Generate Floor Plans & XYZ Files
    Quickly produce black-and-white floor plans, registered point clouds, reflected ceiling plans at ease.
  • Produce Print-Ready Photographs
    Vivid imagery for print and digital communication.
  • Securely password protected
  • Compatible with most design software such as BIM, Auto Cad, Revit etc
  • Takes up no space on your server and is very fast to download

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Aerial Photography

  • Media Picture are qualified and approved UAV/Drone pilots. With Permissions For Aerial Work (PFAW) from the Civil Aviation Authority, all pilots hold liability insurance.
  • Promote holiday destinations with a glimpse of your locations stunning vista.
  • The UAVs can be used in search and rescue, helping to locate missing persons, livestock and pets.
  • We can help your marketing literature stand out from that of your competition.
  • Do you want to capture high-impact eye-catching aerial imagery?
  • Drones can record construction and development progress and assist in management reporting and forward planning.
  • They can also assist you to support disputes over issues such as boundaries and construction penalties.
  • Aerial photographs give you a beautiful and unique perspective.
  • The use of Drones can help to reduce onsite visits, thereby saving you time and travel costs.

Check out our Aerial Photography section for more info.

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Property and Real Estate

  • Are you a Property Developer?  our UAV's help potential investors see the value of an area under development.  We can provide edited video and photography ready for use.
  • UAVs & Dones are being used by councils and authorities to check on planning permission requests.
  • UAVs/Drones can be used to check on the underside of structures without the use of scaffolding. Reducing costs, risk and time factors.

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  • Within a short time we can provide you with images and video of your property to use for sales or promotion.
  • We can survey roofs and guttering to see if any repair work is needed.  Safe and quick, let our drone take the risk, not you.

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Event and Party Photography

  • Media Picture are able to request Press Accreditation to cover special events, such as Music Festivals, Racing Events, Concerts and Red Carpet Coverage.
  • We can supply photographers and UAV pilots to cover any team building activity or event.

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Concert and Festival Photographers

  • Our Photographers are able to cover major concerts and festivals around the country.
  • Our images are promptly distributed and submitted to the UK press and publications

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