3D Tours

Media Picture can provide 3D Tours, with 4K photography, Video Production, customise your 3D Tour with annotation. You can then distribute your venue or event quickly and easily for the world to see.

  • Build a 3D Tour
    No other method allows potential customers to experience your ideas.
  • Create a Virtual Reality experience
    Compatible with leading Virtual Reality devices
  • Quickly gather 3D Measurements
    Providing 99% accuracy on all dimensions
  • Auto Generate Floor Plans & XYZ Files
    Quickly produce black-and-white floor plans, registered point clouds, reflected ceiling plans at ease.
  • Produce Print-Ready Photographs
    Vivid imagery for print and digital communication.

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  • Commercial Promotional filming
  • Personal video projects
  • 4K Digital capture
  • Capture those moments that will never be forgotten.
  • Video production and editing service
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Portfolio Photography

  • We can provide portrait and portfolio shoots onsite at your home or office. Ideal for a professional Social Media profile
  • This is ideal for a more relaxing family photo shoot.
  • We have plain backgrounds available for use
  • Our photographers are CRB Checked.
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Aerial Photography

  • Media Picture are qualified and approved UAV/Drone pilots. With Permissions For Aerial Work (PFAW) from the Civil Aviation Authority, all pilots hold liability insurance.
  • Promote holiday destinations by giving your customers a glimpse of your locations stunning vista.
  • The UAVs can be used in search and rescue, if people, livestock or certain pets go missing.
  • We can help your marketing literature stand out from that of your competition?
  • Do you want to capture high-impact eye-catching aerial imagery?
  • Drones can record construction and development progress and assist in management reporting and forward planning.
  • They can also assist you to support disputes over issues such as boundaries and construction penalties.
  • Aerial photographs give you a beautiful and unique perspective.
  • The use of Drones can help to reduce onsite visits, thereby saving you time and travel costs.
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Party Photography

  • Do you require professional photography at your party or event?  we can help.  Check out our editorial section for our resume!
  • Our photographers can capture your guests at their best, providing you with stunning images and video to share.
  • With our 4k aerial drones we can capture moments like bouquet throws or group photographs with ease.
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Real Estate Photography

  • Capture your property in 4k resolution video and photographs
  • Promote the location with a stunning aerial showcase circling the grounds
  • Capture the interior and decor with a Interior Virtual Reality scan, allowing prospective buyers to take a virtual tour of your property online
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Property Development

  • Are you a Property Developer?  our UAV's help potential investors see the value of an area under development.  We can provide edited video and photography ready for use.
  • UAVs & Dones are being used by councils and authorities to check on planning permission requests.
  • UAVs/Drones are used to check on the underside of structures without the use of scaffolding,reducing costs, risk and time factors
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Site Surveys

  • Within a short time, we can provide you with images and video of your property to use in sales or promotion.
  • We can also survey roofs and guttering to see if any repair work is needed.  Safe and quick, let our drone take the risk, not you.
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Environmental Photography

  • 4K drones allow us to capture unique images.
  • We can visit the location and record changes in the environment and landscape.
  • Areas of natural beauty can be captured on film to promote awareness.

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Event Photography

  • Media Picture have been able to get Press Accreditation to cover special events, such as Music Festivals, Racing Events, Concerts and Red Carpet Coverage.
  • We can use our photographers and UAV pilot to cover any team building activity or event.
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Concert and Festival Photographers

  • Our Photographers are able to cover major concerts and Festivals around the country.
  • Our images get promptly distributed and submitted to the UK press and publications

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Railway and Transportation

  • We can conduct progress surveys on-site, capturing images or video for your use.
  • Our operatives hold the following permits to access sites safely: Network Rail PTS (Personnel Track Safety), London Underground ICI (Industry Common Induction), SMSTS (Site Management Safety Training Scheme), CSCS Black (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) and First Aid Trained

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Construction and Demolition

  • Drones can be used to show a live feed to the site office, allowing the planning team to be able to make prompt changes.
  • UAV's can be used to record demolition works and check the area for remaining personnel in the blast zones
  • Our operatives hold the following permits to access sites safely: Network Rail PTS (Personnel Track Safety), London Underground ICI (Industry Common Induction), SMSTS (Site Management Safety Training Scheme), CSCS Black (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) and First Aid Training

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