3D Mapping using a Phantom 4 Pro Plus

We provide a professional 4K Aerial Photography & Video service

We are able to work across the UK, providing you with our renowned aerial photography specialists and their unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s).

We can cover a wide range of industries and businesses including leisure, schools, universities, historic buildings, zoos, theme parks and more. Forget the Cherry Pickers, forget climbing tall structures and forget the price of helicopters by showing off the smallest or largest detail of your property with Media Picture aerial photography.

Media Picture have a small fleet of Drones Including DJI Phantoms 2, 3 Pro and Advance and DJI Inspires.  All Drones take 4K Video and 16Mb stills producing high quality sharp images.

For more information on Drone operations please visit the FAQ page on this web site

Civil Aviation Authority

Our aerial photography gallery below showcases images we have taken for our customers and projects around the United Kingdom, we may be able to help you get the image or video you need. Get in touch for a quote.

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Our licensed drone operators are skilled in the use of multiple drone types. We can provide you with access to high end 4K resolution cameras for images and video.


Quick, cost effective and safe. Drone roof surveys are the ideal way to check for damage and gather photographic evidence for repairs.

Real Estate Promotion:

For stunning photography and video, we offer a professional video editing and photoshop service. Media Picture also offer 16K still photography.

Our Aerial Drones can be booked for the following services:

  • Emergency Services, Fire damage, Search and Rescue
  • Wedding and Parties
  • Environmental and Agriculture Inspections
  • Solar, Wind Farm and Mobile Phone Tower Inspections,
  • Roof and Building Surveys and inspections
  • Railway Inspections and surveys
  • Demolition and Construction works
  • Sporting events
  • Mapping
  • General Aerial Photography